Built houses and beautiful homes are the dream of the Taurus. Usually Taurus will have a plan for building dream home. Taurus keeps their house neat and tidy. Even if they live in small apartments, they decorate their home with creative ideas and thoughts.

Taurus will own a beautiful home during their lifetime. They invest on vacant lands & houses as a security for the future.


Taurus’ are good at humor & Jokes; they can not pass a day without humor in their daily life. Taurus is good at enjoying jokes passed on by others. Also Taurus makes others entertained with their humorous speeches.


Taurus will continue to live with some sickness during their lifetime. But that illness will not be of life threatening nature. Most of the Taurus’ are prone to cold and water prone diseases.


Taurus’ are incapable of controlling their diet. Taurus shows more interests in mouth watering snacks and junk foods. Literally Taurus’ are quite excited about having extraordinary lunch/dinner.

Taurus’ becomes very happy in going to restaurants and attending some party. Taurus prefers to eat very little; but the food should be readied in an excellent manner. In fact, Taurus likes the quality and not the quantity.

Taurus suddenly becomes health conscious and goes on a strong diet. This exercise continues for quite some time. Taurus’ achieve their target on diet control too. After few days, Taurus’ reverts back to their original appetite. 


Taurus gets adjusted with everyone and never fights too. Taurus sacrifices their interests to keep away all troubles. Thus Taurus has only few weak opponents; without much disturbances.


Taurus’ are very weak in the judgment of the peoples. These poor judgments often create problems in their personal and business life. Taurus’ are soft natured and very kind in their heart. They approach everyone with humane attitudes. 

Taurus’ are easily get cheated because of their softness in their attitude. Taurus’ are more matured at the passing of the ages.


Taurus’ are fond of entertainment and enjoy it fully. Taurus’ are the person, who immediately gets ready for traveling, visiting relatives & friends, shopping, attending party & functions and any events that keep them entertained.

Taurus makes everyone happy, while enjoying the party. It is impossible to find a Taurus who is very dull and has no interest on entertainment.


Taurus’ are very concerned about their beauty, dress and make-ups. Taurus venture out in the public, only if they are neat & properly dressed. Taurus’ are very fond of perfumes too. Taurus spends most of the time to enhance their beauty. Taurus dislikes the person’s who are shabbily dressed up. 


Taurus’ men are suitable for politics. Taurus has the basic qualities like deceiving peoples and switching sides which are required for the success in Politics.

Taurus’s uses all the techniques both legal and illegal to keep them afloat in the Politics. Taurus’ keeps their mind so flexible so as to change sides, friends and ideology any time that they feel convenient. 

Taurus never considers anyone as their permanent friends or enemies. Taurus takes decisions only as per the situation demands. But Taurus plays within their limit. Taurus women are not successful in politics.

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