Taurus loves their family members very much. In fact they always dream of happy and united family. They easily forget their anger when it comes to the welfare of their family members.

Welfare of the family & wellbeing of the family members occupies their mind fully. Taurus will have amicable relationships with every members of the family. Taurus anger will not last more than few days. 


Taurus spends too much for their spouse, or their spouses would spend much for Taurus. Taurus loves their spouse, and they easily forget the problems with their spouses.

Taurus never allows others to show disrespect to their spouses in front of them. Excessive love and affection shown by Taurus sometime brings irritation to their spouses.


Taurus relationship with their brothers/sisters can be compared to the Full Moon & New Moon phenomenon. Sometimes they fight it out with their brothers; later they sink their brothers with their affections.

Taurus preferences shift to their own family after the marriage. But they always maintain the soft corner for their brothers/sisters even in the post marriage period. Taurus always helps their brothers/sisters; but never does any harm.


Taurus’ are very strict towards their children and equally more affectionate towards them. Taurus will not allow anyone to dictate any terms or punish their children. They do not scold their children in front of others.

For Taurus, their children are important than anyone else. They give one sided judgments to protect the well being of their children. Taurus could find themselves in a real mess, due to the excess love for their children.


Taurus will have many friends during their young age. But the relationships are subjected to ups and down. Taurus makes friends very quickly; also they might develop differences too quickly.

Taurus will have some intimate and personalized friends too. Taurus’ are used to continue those relationships for the long term too. Taurus shares their joy and sorrows with their long time friends.

Taurus does not exhibit any jealous or ill will towards their friends at any point of time. Getting Taurus as our friends will actually help us in our daily life.

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