Both Taurus men & women are expert in romance. Most peoples are easily attracted by the gentle and soft approach of Taurus. The romantic period with Taurus will always be memorable for their partners.

Taurus romance will shut down the memory of their partners on a temporary basis, making them to forget all their troubles. Even the elderly Taurus will mesmerize their partners with their exhibition of the romance.


Taurus’ are mostly innocent and fails to judge peoples properly. Taurus is highly sensitive during the time of first love proposal. They easily get carried away by their emotions. In most of the cases, Taurus accepts the first love proposal.

Sometimes, these types of actions would lead to troubles in their pre marriage periods. Taurus sees their love partners as their saviors who are going to bring dramatic changes in their life. Taurus believes that their life partner will bring much needed positive changes into their life.

This type of behavior often leads to sexual contacts by the Taurus. Thereafter, Taurus will start to understand the full impact of their relationships. Taurus finds it hard to swallow the bitter pills of getting cheated. 

Thus Taurus’ are driven to suicidal tendencies too. Taurus takes their time to recoup and lead a normal time. Sometimes, Taurus repeats the same mistake on their second proposal too. Taurus performs well if they get proper guidance on these situations.

Taurus women could be easily cheated by the soft words and gentle approach. They never go to the bottom of truth. Taurus women can come out of their pre- marriage troubles by taking decisions based on knowledge rather than on emotions.

Girls are easily get carried away by the gentle approach of Taurus men. Taurus men are quite undependable in their character. Most of the Taurus men will have multiple relationships in their pre-marriage period.


Taurus will normally adjust their lifestyle in their post marriage period. They tend to go along with their spouses on most of the issues. Taurus would take every possible step to keep their marriage as successful.

Taurus men keep his wife satisfied and in good comforts. They keep the sexual relationships with their partners in a perfect way. In some cases, Taurus oversteps this limit and harasses their partners for sexual pleasure in unimaginable limits.

Taurus men involves in extra martial relationships too. Young Taurus spends most of their time, energy and money on these love affairs. Thus the marriage life of Taurus men often leads to confusions, arguments and even to the break in the marriages.
Taurus women keep their husband fully satisfied. If the Taurus women are comforted by the gentle approach and soothing words by their husbands, then it could solve most of the problems too.

Taurus women keep their husbands fully satisfied in their sexual activities. Taurus women become fully satisfied both through the sexual contacts and gentle approach by their husbands.

Taurus women are highly sensitive to actions and speeches of their husbands. The marriage could end in disaster only when their expectations fail. They choose the second life only when they become fully aware that their first marriage can not be revived at all.


Taurus men are good at their sexual activities. They prefer to spend more time, energy and money for the sexual activities. Taurus’ appetite for sex does not stop with single relationship. Taurus’ are expert in maintaining multiple relationships in their love and sexual activities.

Taurus’ maintains their love, romance and sex as the basic criteria in their daily lifestyle. Taurus keeps their education, career and financial positions as a smoke screen to further their own ambitions on sex.

Taurus’ sexual characters are the biggest hurdles that affect their growth too. Taurus men will have multiple marriages or multiple relationships even after their marriages. In few cases, Taurus harasses their partners for unlimited sex too. The thirst for sex does not end even at the old ages of Taurus men.


Taurus would make themselves and their partners happier and satisfied with their sexual activities. Every men having sex with Taurus women will not forget the sexual pleasures that he had enjoyed. Taurus women are pliable in nature to their sexual partners.

Taurus women are easily deceived by others; they choose to believe the wrong persons both in the right periods & in the wrong periods too. This kind of situations in the Taurus’ life upsets their basic lifestyle. If Taurus’ women use her knowledge in judging everyone profiles with sincerity, then they can easily come up in their life.

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